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- Choroidale Neovaskularisation (CNV)

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Julia´90 (automatic translated)

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choreoretinitis, 29 Jul. 2011 16:22

hello together.
this is for me the first time that I registered on such a page and I hope I can get some answer this.
I ask so many that I care about:

1.What is the best clinic for a choreoretinitis? (Was already in cologne and lüdenscheid)

2nd how can it be that one after 6 years still no "trigger" has been with me for the disease?

3rd I'm the only one that has the eye only in one? (The doctors say it would be unusual)

4.gibt there other treatment options as cortisone? (I last with a 250 mg iv dose-ranging inpatient and is now in 10 mg increments every 2 days dismantled; look like an exploding tomato)

It would be nice to reply get maybe a few and talk to you.

liebe grüße, julia.

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augendoc (automatic translated)

1049 Beiträge

RE: choreoretinitis, 30 Jul. 2011 08:48

Hi Julia,

2 Replies I am still owed to you:

ad 2: There are just canis cases where there is a clear cause, such as toxoplasmosis, Lyme disease, tuberculosis, syphilis or Toxocara. And there are cases when you find the trigger any more, because the inflammation persists long after the end of the triggering illness. This may have been some banal viral infection or a tooth beherdeter, or bronchitis, etc.. This disease leaves a disturbance in the immune system that produces somewhere in the body is a chronic inflammation in the eye just for you.

ad 3: It's true that this Chorioretinitis usually involves both eyes. But this need not necessarily be the case from the beginning, sometimes the second eye is not until many years later ...

One question I have: Do you have inflammation only, or even a CNV (choroidal neovascularization)?


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Julia´90 (automatic translated)

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RE: choreoretinitis, 30 Jul. 2011 13:50

So on my last dismissal letter from the clinic lüdenscheid is from 14/07/2011:

RA: Recurrent multifocal chorioretinitis with sarcoidosis

General: bronchial asthma, sinusarrythmie

but it is an inactive sarcoidosis. which was established in May in a county with bronchoscopy with Lavang. the lung tissue has been changed accordingly in the upper part of the lung but not active.

I've noticed the new inflammation itself, as I always like a "flicker" look. I was saying the the old and the scar can be but I've noticed a strong propagation. now, "flickering" on everything I perceive on the right side ...
I also have a fail in the visual field.

In the dismissal letter reads:
RA: absolute scotomata with connection to the blind spot and superior temporal
LA: real representation of the blind spot, not a relative and absolute scotomata
BA: real light difference sensitivity (27dB centrally RA, LA 29 dB)

answered the question about the?

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augendoc (automatic translated)

1049 Beiträge

RE: choreoretinitis, 30 Jul. 2011 20:11

Hi Julia,

It will probably be the sarcoidosis, which can be very stubborn and even if everything is inactive in the lungs, can remain in the optic nerve and in the choroid or inflammation ...

Since cortisone is a very effective therapy, but dangerous in the long term because of side effects. One can therefore try a different immunosuppressive therapy. All these treatments must be carried out under constant medical supervision, so I recommend to see a uveitis specialist to help determine whether you should try this alternative treatment.

There are some very good D in uveitis centers and some patients self-help groups (under Google "uveitis self-help group" type, there are several addresses!).

All the best!


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